The Fans

Patricia Teachey and Michael

Damian Stelmach and Michael Emerson

Damain Stelmach, Michael and Ray Irizarry

Cat Ludwiczak and Michael

Michael and Julie Phillips

Jon Lachonis and his family with Michael.

Ana Kim and Michael

Cazy Kaye McShane and Michael

Michael and Andrea Bartolucci in Rome

Michael and Jo Garfein at Lost S6 Premiere

Get Lost with JOpinionated

Lauri Neff and Michael

Lauri Neff and Michael

Michael and Natalie Abrams

Christopher Laudando and Michael

Michael and Rika Chan

Michael and Rica Chan

Michael and Duncan Crawford at Evi Lilly's Party

Michael and Emma

Yutaka Kakuda and Michael

Yutaka Kakuda and Michael

Michael and Yutaka Kakuda

Michael and Yutaka Kakuda after Honolulu Symphony

Alex Weinberger and Michael at Lost Live 5/13/10

Carrie, Alex, Kelly, Michael in Charleston

Michael and Sarah Flagg in NYC

Michael and Dennis in NYC

Kathy and Michael in NY

Heather and Michael

Michael and Jason

Michael and Faisal

Michael and Renee



12 thoughts on “The Fans

  1. Hi Patricia i’m stefanie and i like your fanpage wow it`s really fantastic ! 🙂 greatest respect, i also love Michael, he’s the best actor in the world and i firstly got to know him better because of Person of Interest. I’m so sad cause like F.N.Y. already said, it´s also for me nearly impossible to meet him one day (what no question would be a dream coming true !!), because i live a million miles away in Austria 😥 i want to send him a postcard with a photo in the near future so thanks for posting his addresses here ! wish me luck that he writes me back!! I would be sooo happy about that that i have no words for it 🙂

  2. Thanks so much again for all that you do for us! You have brightened my day more times than I can count!

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