Contact Michael

If you would like to write to Michael send your letters and photos to him at the address below.  Send a self addressed stamped envelope for Michael to return your photos in. Michael is very polite and quite speedy with his replies. Keep in mind he is not always in L.A. (he has a home in New York) so replies may take some time if he is away from his L.A. home.

Michael Emerson
Vanguard Management
8060 Melrose Avenue
4th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Michael Emerson
Abrams Artists Agency N.Y.
275 Seventh Avenue 26th Floor
 New York, NY 10001

Michael Emerson

Abrams Artists Agency
9211 Sunset Boulevard,11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069

88 thoughts on “Contact Michael

  1. Meu Deus, não acredito que encontrei esta forma de falar com Michael Emerson! Eu sou o brasileiro fã número um dele. Não falo inglês, mas se tivesse a oportunidade de encontrá-lo, o silêncio provocado pela emoção valeria mais que todas as palavras em todos os idiomas. Seria um grande presente receber dele uma pequena lembrança autografada. Parabéns pelo trabalho em LOST e Ready, ok! Você é o melhor! Lindo! Abraço.

    1. Carlos, eu espero que você saiba que isso não é o site de Michael Emerson. Eu sou apenas um fã. Eu traduzi a sua mensagem para Inglês por você.

      Translation to English just in case Michael finds his way here and gets to read Carlos’ message.

      My God, do not believe I found this way of talking to Michael Emerson! I am the Brazilian his number one fan. I do not speak English, but if I had the opportunity to meet him, the silence caused by emotion worth more than all the words in all languages. It would be a great gift to receive from him a little souvenir autographed. Congratulations for the work on LOST and Ready, okay! You’re the best! Beautiful! Hug.

    1. I visited Peru when I was young, Lima, Cuzco and Machu Pichu. Will never forget it. I hope Mchael writes back to you too. I bet he will.

  2. Hello Pat,

    I just wanted to know if you have already use the adress in L.A.?
    I would like to write him after the end of Lost…
    Thanks! (btw, great blog! 😉 )

  3. I personally have not written to Michael at this address but have read where others have and they have heard back from Michael. Please if you write to him at the L.A address let us know what happens. I think you’ll have the same luck as if you write to the Lost address in HI.

  4. Pois é, descobri depois…rsrs É uma pena…rs
    Mas ta valendo, o blog é muito bacana e está tão bem elaborado que

    Abçs, valeu a atenção

    (Yeah, I found out later … lol It’s a shame … lol
    But ta worth, the blog is very cool and is so well established that fool .. hehe

    ABCs, has paid attention

  5. Io lo amo follemente.
    Mi chiedo perchè non abbia aspettato me prima di sposarsi!!ahahah! :)é veramente troppo sexy!Peccato,non potrò mai vederlo.Io sono Italiana,siamo troppo troppo lontani
    Pat fantastico questo blog.
    Perdona la mia ignoranza,ma purtroppo non so scrivere bene in inglese,perciò ho preferito scrivere direttamente in Italiano.Scusa ancora.

    I love him madly.
    I wonder why not have waited to marry me before! Hahaha! 🙂 Really is too sexy! Too bad, I can never vederlo.Io are Italian, we’re too far too
    Pat fantastic this blog.
    Forgive my ignorance, but unfortunately I can not write well in English, so I preferred to write directly to Italiano.Scusa yet.

    1. Sure what would you like help with? If you would like to write to Michael, send him a letter at the address on the contact page. He is good about signing pictures and returning them to you if you also send him a self addressed stamped envelope to return it in.

  6. Just wanted to say Michael is probably the greatest actor I’ve seen on scene… I mean, I haven’t seen the whole 6th season yet (no payed TV here), but “Dead is Dead” was sooo great I couldn’t believe it, and “The Shape of Things to Come” was probably the best performance ever on TV.

    Just wanted to say thank you to you, Pat, and to Michael, both the greatest on what they do! 😀

  7. Since I learned of this web THROUGH twitter, and I found the direction of Michael, I’m excited, I would write a letter, but I’m so nervous I do not know what to write.
    I wish that he’d sign the cover of the dvd of the third season where it appears, because unfortunately, I have no picture with him.
    When I pass the nerves and get to write the letter and send it, I tell you as I have been gone.

    Thanks !!!

  8. Hi,
    ich hätte gerne eine Autogrammkarte, aber wieviel muss ich auf die beiden Briefumschläge kleben, damit es ankommt und auch wieder zurück kommt?

    Danke und Grüße

  9. Hi Pat, I would like to write to Michael from Italy, but if I put in the letter the return stamps they are italian, I don’t know if usa post will accept them.
    Do you know something?
    Thanks for the NYTVF video!

    1. You know that is a good question. I don’t know what the other on here who wrote to Michael from other countries did. I will attempt to contact some of them and ask them. Pat

  10. Hi ,
    I just discover this site… I did wrote to the same address and did get a signed authograph from Michael Emerson !
    For international writers (I live in Belgium) use 3 international reply coupons which you can buy at the postoffice in your country !
    That’s what I did ! I wait about 2 months to get a photograph, a pitty mine was almost tear to pieces in the mail !
    But the picture is awesome !
    Hope this helps !
    Great site !

    1. Wow, thank you for the compliments and for the information on how to write to Michael from a country outside the U.S. So glad you success in writing to him.

  11. I mailed him a really fancy design with a letter on back, like back in June, to that address, and I haven’t got a response. I fear it got lost in the mail. The TRAVESTY! Do you think he’ll write back soon, as in it might not have gotten lost still?

    1. Another thought I just had. Did you send him a self addressed envelope to return to you? Did you send him something to sign or just a letter? I think if you want a reply you should send him something to sign. A letter is wonderful but I don’t know that he has time to write back to everyone that writes to him.

  12. Michael has beenin NY alot since Lost ended. I think he and Carrie may have just gone back to L.A. Give it a little more time. Maybe once he’s back in L.A. he’ll get it and find time to write you back. In other words maybe he just hasn’t seen it yet. If you never receive a reply I would try again. He is very good at replying, maybe your’s just got misplaced or lost in the mail.

    Let me know.


    1. yeah, GOSH I hope so. I did put in an envelope with backing so he could sen back an autographed picture. I heard from other people that you can just request it without sending the photo yourself.
      I am SSSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO depressed that I missed him speaking at Rhode Island University!! AAAAAAAAAAAUUUGGGHHH!!! Do you know if he’ll be speaking anywhere soon?

      1. Wow, I don’t know what happened to you letter. Maybe it got lost or he has just been super super busy. I bet he gets more fan mail now than ever before and maybe it’s difficult for him to handle writing back to everyone. I have read a twitter or two that he might be speaking at Stanford in January, but only tweets, nothing official. I hope you get your answer back from him.

  13. Just want to say that he’s really a great guy ! I got an signed picture of him awhile ago but it was damaged in the mail so I wrote back to him (but I include another 3 IRC) and I got a new signed picture ! This one was larger as I send a bigger envelop ! I will send him a thank you note !
    Great to see what Michael is doing, over here in Belgium we can’t see those things, so no Parenthood for us, so sad ! Thanks Pat for keeping use up to date !

  14. Hey Pat,

    I’m a student from Belgium who’s currently making a presentation/essay about the philosophy in Lost. I was wondering if you could help me. Is it possible for you to ask M.E. if he could write a little something for my essay to give it something ‘special’. He did a lecture about it, so I’ve seen on your site (which is great by the way). I know I could write him a letter myself but it will never make it in time. It would mean a lot to me if you could do the effort.

    Thank you so much from a Michael Emerson fan.


    (P.S. I’m so sorry for my poor english)

    1. Wow, I wish I could ask Michael to help you but, I’m sorry I don’t know him personally. I have met him once briefly and had a picture taken with him but I have not way to ask him anything except to write to him. Sorry I could not be of help.

  15. hiiii!!!! im a fan of Micheal and wanna contact him but im from iran and not sure that he will get it or not?! and im also shy and dont know what to do!please help meeeeeeee!!!

    1. No problem. Michael is very good about replying to fan letters. Give it a try. Write to him at: Michael Emerson

      Vanguard Management
      8060 Melrose Avenue
      4th Floor
      Los Angeles, CA 90046

      Tell him how big a fan you are and send him a pic with an envelope so he can return it to you. Include your address on the envelope and try to send him some international postel labels. Ask abou them at your postal office. Let me know how this turns out!!

  16. Olá..
    Sou do Brazil, e acredito ser muito dificil mandar uma carta para ele.
    Seria bom se ele respondesse por e-mail ou algum outro meio através da internet.
    Sou muito fã dele.

    I’m from Brazil, and I believe it is very difficult to send a letter to him.
    It would be nice if he responded by e-mail or some other means over the internet.
    I am a big fan of him.
    I love him!

    1. Tente escrever para ele. Você deve traduzir para Inglês. Ele pode escrever de volta.

      Vanguard Management
      8060 Melrose Avenue
      4th Floor
      Los Angeles, CA 90046

      Boa sorte!

  17. Hola! Vivo en España y no hablo inglés, pero le envié a Michael dos cartas para que me enviara su foto firmada pero no me respondió. Tengo que enviar algo para que me pueda responder? Dinero? Alguna cosa para sobres y sellos? Gracias!

  18. oh my god! i can finally send him the drawing i’ve done of him 😀 i feel amazing knowing he’ll geet it even if he doesn’t get a chance to write back as long as my art is with him :3 he’s such an awesome actor, i can’t believe he’s accomplished so much! mr. emerson is the best!!!

  19. can i request a photo of him or do i have to send one to him to sign? i’m not exactly sure how this works. could you help me?

    thanks 🙂

  20. I sent him fanmail 3 months ago ( 101 days ago precisely)
    and… I still don’t have response 😦 I don’t know what to do…

    He is the best, in every movie he made a very good job 🙂

  21. I have heard that he is shooting Person of Interest in New York, so I assume that means he is not in his LA home very often. I recently sent him a letter and a picture, but I sent it to the LA address, so should I send a different one to New York, and, if so, to what address?
    Thank you very much.

      1. This is the address I saw:
        Michael Emerson
        Abrams Artists Agency N.Y.
        275 Seventh Avenue
        26th Floor
        New York, NY 1000

        Can you verify? Thanks

  22. Hello once again 🙂
    Today I got it!
    I got mail from ME 🙂
    I sent letter at the LA adress the first one from this site:)

  23. I just got my picture back! Personalized and signed, of course. SUCH a nice guy! I sent it to the NY address. It only took 18 days! XD

  24. Hi Pat,
    i’m italian and I would like to write to Michael from Italy
    but if I put in the letter the return stamps they are italian
    I don’t know if usa post will accept them.
    can u help me?
    xx Michi

    1. I really don’t know how this works. I have heard people putting the foreign return stamps in mail to Michael. He seems to find a way to write back to you with or without your return stamps. He’s so good to his fans. But give him time he’s very busy with his show. Good luck!

  25. So my sister and I sent an “autograph request” back in January, so that’s she’ll have something to give to me for my birthday this year. There’s no word on it yet, but I’m sure he’s been really busy with POI. I’ve got until August if and when it comes back.

  26. Hey so I was wondering when you sent your letter to Michael, how long did you have to wait until he sent one back? You probably have already answered this question, but I just sent a letter to him today (to his address in LA) and I was just curious.
    I live in California by the way.

    1. Could be months. I wrote after Lost was done. So he wasn’t so busy. Took about 2 months to hear back. Now he seems very busy and spends most of his time in NY. So I would give him some serious time to write back.

  27. Hello. My name is Stephanie and I live in the UK. I sent fan-mail to Mr. Emerson in January, 2013 and I am yet to receive a reply (which is understandable!) and as a consequence I am concerned that I may have sent my letter and photograph (to be autographed) to the wrong address.

    I sent my letter to the J.J. Abrams Artists address in New York City. Should I send a new letter to the LA or Santa Monica address? Or should I wait longer?

    We can no longer send international credit stamps from the UK to the U.S. and as a result I enclosed $10 in my letter but maybe this is why I have not received a reply. I would be grateful for any advice, thank you so much.

    I was wondering if anyone in the U.S. could send my letter to Mr. Emerson’s address (as I can’t send a self addressed envelope with stamp) and I would pay for any expense? Thanks so much.

    P.S. your website is amazing.

    1. Wouldn’t hurt to send a new one but Michael is becoming a much bigger star on a successful TV show. I’m sure he gets more fan mail than ever before. Maybe he’s having trouble keeping up on all of it.

  28. Hi!
    Im curious, NY adress still works for contact witch Mr. Emerson?
    I want to send him fanmail and don’t know which adress to choose.
    Thank you for help.

  29. I’m a Chinese fan and just got my mail back yesterday! It took 3 months, and I sent to the Silvercup Studios address.
    I know more about ME form here, I made my mind to sent my first fanmail after I saw this page.
    So Thank you for this great site!!

    1. I believe he’s headed back to NY to start shooting POI. Keeps him busy so he may not write you back soon. But I would send you mail to his ny address. Good Luck.

  30. Hi! I am form Spain and I would like to send a letter to Michael.
    Which adress I should use??
    I love this site!!

  31. Does anyone know Michael Emerson’s personal email address/cell phone #? Sent him 3 letters already with no response and just wanted to connect with him cuz I’m his #1 fan! If anyone has the info I want I’ll be forever thankful to whoever gives his info to me and won’t tell anyone about it or give it away myself, swear to God I’ll keep it secret for Michael cuz he obviously has trust issues and is a very private person (from Person of Interest) and I want him to trust me, plz I’m begging anyone to give me the info!

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