Photo: Michael Emerson and Fan

Jason on twitter, met Michael on the train on his way to San Francisco. I’m guessing he was on his way home from his speaking event in Palo Alto at Stanford University, but who knows. Thank you to Jason for allowing me to post this awesome pic.

Me- “Michael Emerson?” Michael- “yes,… it is.”


Photo: Michael Emerson Meets Another Fan on Streets of NYC.

(Thanks to Heather for allowing us to post this pic of her and Michael on the streets of NYC.)

“I just met Michael Emerson!!!!!  Aaaaaack!!!!!! Walking down the street! Ben from Lost.”

Celebrity Apprentice was filming at a pizza place in the village. So a crowd was gathering to watch …

I was in the crowd being nosy and he walked over to see what was going on too! I saw him and said hi. Asked for a pic…

He said yes but asked if we could walk up the block away from the crowd. I told him I thought he might be scary haha…

and he said – see? Not so scary. 🙂 he was incredibly nice, shook my hand.

it was bizarre to first see David Cassidy making pizza and Gary Busey handing out flyers to then turn my head and see “Ben”:)