Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop ‘Person of Interest’

PERSON OF INTEREST PREVIOUSLY ON… | Carter and Fusco came to discover they are both working with Reese and Finch; the finale’s POI (played by Angel’s Amy Acker) turned out to be the elusive computer hacker “Root,” who killed Alicia and abducted Finch. A desperate Reese appealed to The Machine (via a random surveillance camera) for help, at which point a nearby payphone rang. Hmm…. Saved by Ma Bell? COMING UP NEXT | Yep, that’s our friend The Machine calling Reese, as the season premiere addresses the burning question: How do things work when Finch isn’t around to fetch the numbers? “Through the first season, the Machine stayed a silent partner,” says exec producer Jonah Nolan. “But now the big questions are: How does it communicate, and what does it want?” As for Root, “Like any great villain, we’re going to find out that she and Finch have more in common than he previously believed,” says EP Greg Plageman. Further down the road, Season 2 will afford a greater understanding of “what happened with Harold Finch to get him where he is today,” as well as tackle the mysteries of his lost love Grace, the death of his partner Nathan Ingram and, yes, how he got that limp. Likewise, Nolan promises to explore Carter’s personal life “and what makes her tick, this woman who is in many ways the conscience of the show.” RETURN DATE | Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c (CBS)

Source: TVLINE.com

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