Michael Emerson Joins the Cast of The Dark Knight Returns

Wesley Johnson September 4, 2012

The cast for the upcoming DC Universe Animated Original production of The Dark Knight Returns, an adaptation of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s 1986 masterpiece, just got even more impressive. Here’s the cast we knew: Peter Weller (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Ariel Winter as Robin, David Selby (Commissioner Gordon), Mark Valley (Superman), Wade Williams (Harvey Dent) and Michael McKean (Dr. Wolper). Now, we officially have our Joker – Person of Interest’s Michael Emerson. Fans of internet speculation will remember that Emerson’s name was tossed around by fans as a candidate to play The Riddler in Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film; as we all know, though, that character wasn’t used in the film. It’s nice to see that he found another way into Gotham.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Dark Knight Returns, know that it’s a tale of an aged Batman brought out of retirement in a bleak, future Gotham ruled by a gang called the Mutants. The book’s take on Batman, according to Miller, was inspired by Dirty Harry, which you can definitely feel while reading it. I highly suggest reading this one as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

While it’s a bit sad to think of a Batman animated feature without Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil as Batman and the Joker, Peter Weller and Michael Emerson are both dynamite choices. Emerson, as fan’s of The animated film will be released digitally and to Blu-ray and DVD in two parts. The first installment arrives on September 25; the second will be available in “early 2013.”

Source: GeekExchange.com



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