Carrie Preston’s secret directing weapon: Husband Michael Emerson

True Blood‘s Carrie Preston understands it can be tough to be a director. Fortunately, she’s married to the best extra in the world — Emmy-winning Lost alumnus and current Person of Intereststar Michael Emerson.

Emerson was drafted to help Preston in key moments during her second directing effort, the film That’s What She Said, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. While the main cast is women (Anne Heche, Alia Shawkat), Emerson was desperately needed to help out in an outdoor scene which was lacking passersby.

“He did us a solid,” says Preston. “We needed bodies.”

The fact that there was only one Emerson didn’t matter.

“He was walking back and forth in this rain sequence with an umbrella hiding his face,” Preston says with a laugh. “He would go off camera, change umbrellas and jackets and walk through the other way. He played a group of background players by himself.”

“It’s hilarious to watch when you know it’s just Michael walking by,” she says.

The multiple-extra role wasn’t a one-off effort either. Emerson also agreed to take on a role in Preston’s first directorial effort, 29th and Gay in 2005.

“Michael played a disgruntled actor in a gorilla suit,” says Preston. “He took his role very seriously.”

Now that’s true love.

Source: USA Today


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