Reasons Michael Emerson Should Be Proud of Benjamin Linus Legacy

The man who portrayed the creepy Benjamin Linus in “Lost,” has spoken about his feelings on being best known for playing the legendary character. Michael Emerson says he is “at peace” with the fact that people will always see him as Ben, in spite of his numerous other roles. Emerson is set to star in the new CBS drama, “Person of Interest” as Mr Finch, a rich man who attempts to prevent crimes which may happen in the future. It seems that the two roles are worlds apart, but there is no doubt that Benjamin Linus will always be remembered. Here are the top reasons why Michael Emerson should embrace the love for his “Lost” character.

It was an award-winning role

Michael Emerson was such an outstanding member of the “Lost” cast, that he was nominated for numerous Emmy Awards. He was nominated for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series award four times, and won in 2009. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe in 2010. Although he didn’t win every time, his talent was such that he was continuously recognized as an excellent actor. Many feel he was “robbed” of the Emmy in 2010 for his acting in the final season of “Lost.”

Ben Linus scared viewers

Anyone who saw Ben Linus manipulating other characters on the show will understand just how frightening he could be. One of his most creepy moments was when he convinced Sawyer (Josh Holloway) that he had fitted him with a pacemaker! It was really only a heart rate monitor, but the shock factor was incredible! Ben Linus did many awful things to try to achieve his own goals, and in doing so, often gave viewers the chills. As an actor, this is something Emerson should be incredibly proud of.

It showed his versatility

Ben Linus was not evil through and through. It seemed that way for a long time, but as his story progressed, viewers gained a better understanding of who he really was. Flashbacks showed that his father belittled him when he was a child, causing him to seek the respect he lacked while he was growing up. As an adult, he sought the respect of Jacob (Mark Pellegrino). He followed every instruction he was given, but it wasn’t until Jacob was summoned by “Locke” (Terry O’ Quinn) that Ben got to meet him. His frustration, and Jacob’s lack of interest in him led to him killing Jacob. The differing sides to the character of Ben is not something every actor could easily manage to portray. Any jobs Emerson has been, and will be offered, will be as a direct result of the skill he showed in “Lost.”

Lost” was an iconic show

No matter whether the role was big or small, every actor who starred in the drama was a part of something special. Michael Emerson was one of the biggest and most complex characters in the story, and for that reason, it is impossible to forget what he did. If he has to be remembered for one thing, it may as well be the biggest TV show the world has ever seen!

Michael Emerson should definitely feel good about everything he accomplished as Benjamin Linus. If he never worked again, it would be a great way for him to be remembered. Thankfully, he will not have to face that problem. In the future, people will remember him for every single fantastic character he brought to life. There is no doubt there are many more to come.

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