Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson are Little Dog People

When Michael Emerson (along with millions of fans) said goodbye to Lost, he also said aloha to Hawaii, the island he called home for the five seasons he was on the hit show.

That meant that he and wife Carrie Preston could say a different kind of aloha — to a dog! They were finally able to adopt a pup without worrying about Hawaii’s strict quarantine restrictions, and they did, a poodle-Maltese mix they named Chumley.

Preston, one of the stars of True Blood, adopted Chumley, now almost 2, through A Dog’s Life rescue in Los Angeles about a year ago.

“I’m very, very in love with my dog,” she told at the Human Society of the United States’ 25th Genesis Awards last week. “He’s very serious. He’s a snuggler.”

Preston, Emerson and Chumley, who was named after an old New York City speakeasy, now split their time between New York and L.A., and Chumley’s petite frame is good for when they’re in the big city.

“He’s only 7 lbs.,” she said. “We live in an apartment in New York, and you really don’t want a big dog in New York. But I always wanted a little dog, anyway.”

Thanks to his size, Chumley gets toted around with the family when they go on location for work. He might be adopted, but he’s got a bit of the couple’s performing genes.

“We call him a circus dog because he gets up on his hind legs whenever he wants a treat,” she said. “We didn’t teach him that —it’s like it’s innate.”




One thought on “Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson are Little Dog People

  1. Good, I am glad for the little guy… adopting a dog is the best thing anybody could do. Michael, I am dog groomer, if you ever stop buy oklahoma city I will be more than happy to give a hair cut to your baby.

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