Michael Emerson is One of Those Guest Stars Who Can Do No Wrong.

by Todd VanDerWerff

To a degree, the sight of Michael Emerson playing a man with Asperger’s, bugs crawling all over him, barely able to suppress a smile at how great it all was, was going to get this episode of Parenthood at LEAST a B. Emerson’s one of those guest stars who can do no wrong, and his Andy was written with a degree of grace and feeling that could have been easy to screw up. He’s, essentially, a grown-up version of Max that expresses all of Adam and Kristina’s greatest hopes and worst fears about their son in a matter of moments. He’s hard to work with, leading them to think about canceling his appearance at Max’s party. (But would they cancel an appearance by Max? Would other families?) But he’s also a business owner, doing something he loves and being fairly successful at it. For two parents who have obviously worried about just what Max’s options are going to be once he’s grown up, seeing Andy must be a kind of beacon of hope.

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