Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn Series Has Been Rolled to Next Season

ODD JOBS (NBC) – The potential Michael Emerson/Terry O’Quinn vehicle has been rolled to next season. Andre Nemec and Josh Appelbaum co-wrote the drama, which would feature the “Lost” alums as former special ops agents. Bryan Burk and J.J. Abrams were attached as executive producers alongside Nemec and Appelbaum for their Warner Bros. Television-based Bad Robot Productions.

Source: The Fun Critic

Meanwhile, the commitment to the J.J. Abrams/WBTV-produced drama Odd Jobs starring Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn, whose script came in very late, is being rolled to next season when it will be applied to the same or new Bad Robot project. And Greenblatt has passed on the Josh Schwartz/WBTV supernatural drama Ghost Angeles starring Rachel Bilson.

Source: Deadline.com



7 thoughts on “Michael Emerson, Terry O’Quinn Series Has Been Rolled to Next Season

    1. You know what? I’m not. As long as this happens. Maybe by putting if off we can’t expect a better quality show since they won’t be rushing it. As long as this happens, I don’t care when. It gives me something to look forward too and maybe it will give Michael some time to do some more guest appearances or films.

      1. Maybe you’ve reason Pat, but I have absolutly desire to see him on the set and this news seems a bad play of destiny… UFF.

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