It’s Ben Linus Bitch.


When you’re watching LOST with someone who’s never seen it before and they first meet Henry Gale, you’re like:

And they look at you like:

But eventually they’ll see “Dr. Linus” and they’ll be like:

And then they’ll understand.

Because it’s Ben Linus, bitch.

And if you don’t like him, then:



3 thoughts on “It’s Ben Linus Bitch.

  1. LOL! This is awesome and so true. I made my mom watch Lost and she wasn’t the biggest fan of Ben. When we watched The Life and Death of Jeremy Benthem, she said, “I hate him, that’s all I hate him.” Then she saw Dr. Linus and she just awwwwwed throughout his speech to Ilana. She still doesn’t love him but she thinks he’s ok. Sorry for this long reply.

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