Request Michael Emerson to Speak at Your Event…

Hire Michael Emerson to speak for your organization or at your event. Click on image below to visit Michael’s page at  A video of Michael speaking at The University of Rhode Island is also available for viewing.

Click on Image



6 thoughts on “Request Michael Emerson to Speak at Your Event…

    1. You are misunderstanding this. Michael is not trading in his career as an actor to begin another as a speaker. Look at the site I posted. You can hire all sorts of people to speak at your event. Astronauts, former presidents, actors, musicians, authors, scholars. Many many people will hire themselves out to speak on what they know. Michael speaks on acting and Lost. It’s just another thing he does as a form of income really. He’s comfortable doing it and people will pay to hear him. Don’t be disappointed he’s not changing careers or hard up for work. It’s just another ‘thing’ he does. Go check out the list of people on that site. Jimmy Carter, Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Juile Andrews. Michael is part of an impressive list of people.

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