“The wooden doll that Annie gave me, where is it?”

By Bryan Alexander
"Lost" Dominates the Blu-Ray World, Exposes New Mystery

As expected, the “Lost” DVDs and Blu-Rays have dominated the sales market, but its very success brings up one big question — what happened to Ben Linus’ wooden Annie doll?

One of the bonus extras on the “Lost: The Complete Collection” deals with the artifacts and props from the show. But one mystery the section will not be solving is where the wooden doll that had supreme significance to the Ben Linus character — as it was given to him by his childhood friend Annie.

Michael Emerson (the Emmy award-winning actor who played Linus) is still looking for it.

“The wooden doll that Annie gave me, where is it?” Emerson asked PopcornBiz. We didn’t have the answer.

Emerson said he searched in vain for signs of the small wooden doll in a recent high-profile auction of Lost props and memorabilia.

“I went through the entire catalog and I didn’t see the Annie doll,” he tells us. “This has piqued my curiosity. Is it out there somewhere? Will I be approached on a street corner late at night sometime by a man with a little Annie doll in his trench coat?”

Emerson is more convinced that a mystery is afoot since “all the props were impounded to be shipped and sorted for the auction.”

“I don’t know if anything could have fallen through the cracks,” he adds.

Yet somehow it’s fitting. “It feels right that there’s a loose end that I’ll wonder about forever,” says Emerson.

“Lost” fans love a good mystery. And they’re loving their DVD and Blu-Rays. Both the complete sixth season and the “Lost: The Complete Collection” have jointly ruled the charts since their Aug. 24 release.

Even more impressive is the complete collection — with its many features and three hours of bonus footage — is running close to $200. That’s some serious “Lost” love, even if it doesn’t tell where Annie’s doll is.

Source: NBC Miami


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