Michael Emerson and Carrie Preston Pitted Against Eachother at the Emmys

Kim Kardashian is wearing a white Marchesa gown, talking about how much she likes awards shows. “It’s always fun for me because I love fashion,” she said. “I love to see what everyone else is wearing — it’s inspiring.”

She likes to watch Forensic Files on TruTV. “Maybe it’s because my father was an attorney (the late Robert Kardashian, friend to O.J. Simpson).” She’s about to wrap Season 5 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has a second fragrance coming out, a new book with her sisters, and a new clothing line on QVC.

Michael Emerson, who played Ben on Lost and is up for best actor in a drama, arrived with wife Carrie Preston, who plays Arlene on True Blood.

She said it was a first for them to be at the Emmys together. “It pits us against each other,” he teased. “We have vampires, but he can move islands,” she joked.

Does he miss Lost? He looked a little wistful. “I don’t miss being away from home but the nostalgia is starting to set in,” he said, particularly at this time of year when the cast would have headed to Hawaii for shooting. Now he’s “hanging around house being chauffer and personal assistant to my very busy wife.”

Any truth to the rumors he wants a role on True Blood? “I have some plastic Halloween fangs and I go in her trailer and peek my head out looking for (creator) Alan Ball,” he joked. “He puts on my pale make up,” Preston added.

Source: US Today


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