Video First Look: Ben Takes ‘Charge’ In ‘Lost’

By Jolie Lash


“Lost” may have said its final goodbye to a six-season television run back in May, but in a little over two weeks, fans can jump back in to the drama with a special new mini-episode.

On August 24th, “Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season” and “Lost: The Complete Collection” will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray and both sets include the 12-minute bonus segment called “The New Man In Charge,” an exclusive clip of which premiered on Wednesday. Click HERE to watch the clip.

Filmed as they shot the series finale, the mini-episode, which stars Outstanding Supporting Actor Emmy nominee Michael Emerson in his legendary role of Ben Linus, explores some new territory and answers a number of questions the finale didn’t have time for.

“The writers, I think, wanted to give our viewers a little treat, a little dessert at the end of the series,” Michael told on Wednesday morning. “I think that they were also conscious that there was a very intriguing window — a blank space left in the narrative in the finale and that is, ‘What was it like during all that presumably, long time when Hurley and Ben were in charge of things?’ What was life like in the Dharma world during that period? And so I think they decided to give us just a little taste.”

When asked how many decades 12 minutes could explore, Emerson said the footage looks at just a short window of time.

“We just get a little snack, a little tidbit. We witness events, I would say, that happen in the space of two or three days. It’s not necessary consequent, but yeah, two or three days are explored,” he said.

The title of the clip – “The New Man In Charge” – also offers a hint at the material to come.

”[There’s] a sense that there’s a new regime, a new way of doing business. A whole new philosophy,” he said, noting that Ben is a little different too.

“I think we see the Ben we’ve known and loved all these years being himself, but with a little bit of a change of context, a little bit of a change of tone,” he added.

In the clip, exclusive to, Ben is seen visiting some workers in a Dharma factory, a springboard to bigger revelations.

“Those men at the Dharma station, they don’t really know who [Ben] is. So the suggestion is, is that the Dharma network is much vaster and more intricate than was even revealed in the series… That to support what went on, on the island, there was a whole global network, there was a whole machinery set up,” Michael noted.

Michael said filming the extra scenes was rewarding, even if it meant very long days.

“The scheduling was tricky because everyone involved, Jorge [Garcia, who plays Hurley] and I, we had big responsibilities for the finale and we also had to shoot all this other material,” he said. “They gave us the full treatment. It’s fully produced in terms of sets and costumes and cinematography and all of that. I was very excited to do it, I have to say. I felt like the work on this thing was as interesting to me and as exciting as the work on the finale.”

Just days after the DVDs release, fans will see much of the “Lost” cast reunited at the Emmys, where both Michael and co-star Terry O’Quinn are up for the Outstanding Supporting Actor trophy for their roles on the beloved ABC show.

“I just think that the presence of Terry on any slate or list with me seems natural,” Michael said. “We have been a kind of duet act on that show for as long as I have been on it and what would make me anxious is if we weren’t there together. As it is, this is the most comfortable thing for both of us.”

No competition between the pals, Michael said he is thrilled to be attending the award ceremony and celebrating the entire cast and crew’s work on the show, which is up for 12 total Emmys.

“I feel like ‘Lost’ has gotten its due in a way by being nominated in so many categories,” he said. “This is a really good year for ‘Lost,’ so, win or lose, every department in our company will be present there. I think we’ll have a nice party together.”

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